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Budapest, Germany

This enchanting and exotic capital of Hungary straddles the banks of the Danube and is divided into two distinct parts, traditional Buda and more modern Pest. Budapest is aptly called "Paris of the East," for its beautiful evening illumination and reflected lights in the Danube's waters.

Attractions and Activities:

  • The old city features amazing examples of architecture such as Buda Castle, the baroque Parliament building, Chain Bridge and Matthias church, where the coronation ceremonies of Hungarian Kings were held. Gellert Hill, high above the city, offers not-to-be missed views.

    Everyone can find their choice of sports in Budapest. The most popular place in Budapest for sports is the Margaret Island - even the Prime Minister of Hungary is often seen jogging on some early mornings with his entourage. Hungarians have always been avid sports people: during the history of the summer Olympics, Hungarians have brought home 460 medals, of which 158 are gold. The top events in which Hungarians have excelled are fencing, swimming, canoeing, wrestling and track & field sports. Their affinity to water sports is unmistakably due to the presence of the Lake Balaton and the Danube, which have provided ample practice grounds since the beginning of times. Beside classic sports, recreational modern sports such as bowling, pool billiard, darts, go-carting, wakeboarding and squash are very popular in Budapest, and extreme sports are also gaining ground.