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Rudesheim,  Germany

Located on the Rhine River, Rudesheim is the chief center of the Rhine wine industry. The famed Drosselgasse, a tavern-lined, cobblestone street, attracts locals and visitors alike. Half-timbered medieval houses, narrow streets, and old inns give the town the flavor of the Middle Ages. Visitors to the town may wish to see the 9th century Bromserburg, the oldest castle on the Rhine or Seigfried's Mechanical Music Museum housing one of the world's largest collections of self-playing instruments.

Attractions and Activities:

  • You will have the option to take a wine tasting with a local vintner.
  • A gondola ride above the town to see the Niederwalddenkmal Statue
  • a guided bike tour along the Rhine River to one of Germany's best wine regions.

Later you will have free time to explore the Drosselgasse, the town's most famous and charming street, a narrow passage lined with shops and taverns. This evening, visit Siegfried's Mechanical Music Museum, home to a remarkable collection of old robotic and self playing musical instruments, or join us for some Rudeshimer Coffee. The ship sails overnight.

We will port tonight in Rudeshime.

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