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Mannheim - Heidelberg,  Germany

Today, Mannheim still does just as much to promote culture and the arts as it did in the time of Prince Elector Carl Theodor. The city's classical "chessboard" ground plan dates from the 17th century. The former heart of the Kurpfalz is now the lively centre of the Rhine-Neckar triangle, with a very strong service sector and a rich and varied cultural and arts scene. The city centre is particularly attractive, with its elegant shops and many inviting cafe's and restaurants. 

You will have a choice of one of three excursions. 

Attractions and Activities:

  • Your first option is a half-day excursion to the historic university town of Heidelburg, where you will visit the red-walled castle with its Great Vat (a 49,000 gallon wine cask) and enjoy the beautiful views of the Neckar Valley and city below.
  • Or, for your second option, enjoy the hike up the Philosopher's Path to a panoramic view point of Heidelberg.
  • Your third option is a city tour of Speyer, one of Germany's oldest cities, is known for its cathedral, numerous churches and the midieval Altportel (Old Gate).

This evening, the ship contineues to Rudesheim

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