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Whittier, Alaska

Whittier is nestled at the base of mountains that line Passage Canal, a fjord that extends into Prince William Sound. The surrounding peaks are snowcapped for most of the year and a glacier hangs above the town to the west. Whittier is a berry picker's paradise with blueberries and salmonberries growing in abundance at the edge of town.

Attractions and Activities:

  • From Whittier, take on the sea during a wildlife- and glacier-viewing day cruise

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Featured Excursions

This is a hosted Adventure and these the are optional group excursions we are featuring. Enjoy these activities with your travel companions.

You will choose between these two exursions:

  • 26 Glacier Cruise - This will take you to the Anchorage airport for your return home aftewards
  • Transfer Whittier to Anchorage airport via Alaska Railroad


  • Post Cuise Package - 4 day Land Tour option



$159.00 per +

$86.00    for transfer via Alaska Railroad to Alaska airport

This tour includes:

  • Explore over 140 miles of Prince William Sound

  • Esther Passage, College Fjord, Surprise Glacier

  • Cruise route features 26 named glaciers and many others Complimentary hot meal, coffee, hot tea, and ice water

  • Custom narration by Chugach National Forest Service Ranger

  • Exclusive No Seasickness Guarantee

The 26 Glacier Cruise departs from Whittier and travels through the pristine passageways and fjords found in Alaska’s Prince William Sound. Upon leaving Whittier, the vessel heads east out Passage Canal toward Egg Rocks or Perry Island in search of migratory Steller sea lions. From there it proceeds to the very scenic area called Esther Passage where only small ships can navigate the waterway. High mountains protect this narrow channel from rough seas and winds. Many different animals call this area home; bald eagles are commonly seen fishing in the area along with occasional black bear sightings. It is not uncommon to see orca whales, humpback whales, sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters and a variety of birds in this narrow passage.

Esther Passage opens into College Fjord where the vessel turns north for a panoramic view of all the glaciers named after the Eastern Colleges during the Harriman Expedition. Next, cruise to Surprise Glacier and Barry Arm located in Harriman Fjord. The Captain plots a path through the ice-filled waters up to the front of the glacier so passengers can watch for massive chunks of ice calving into the sea.

On the return trip to Whittier, the vessel will stop one more time at a kittiwake bird rookery that is located just across the bay from Whittier. Over 10,000 birds inhabit these rocky cliffs each summer laying eggs. They fish constantly in front of the rookery and then train the young hatchlings all the survival tips they will need before returning to fly south for the winter. The rookery is our last stop before returning to Whittier.

Actual length of tour is approximately 1 hour. The total trip length, including transfer time to and from the cruise ship pier, is approximately 2.5 hours.